Things to do when bored

By: CaptainAwsome

1.Paint Your Nails

2.Call an old friend

3.bake something visit

4.Make a vision board using magazines ,cut outs and newspapers and stick them on to a board

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5.make a movie a puzzle a book

8.add things to your cart that you consider buying your ideal halloween costume

10.Listen to music

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11.Dance to songs like

12.plan your next vacation

13.Go on a walk , stop and smell the roses

14.take a bubble bath

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15.Go to the pool


17.Paint your keys with different colors of nailpolish

18.make lemonade

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19.have a picnic in the park

20. Do a scavenger hunt just search scavenger hunt and start ticking stuff off a pillow fortress

22.Play a “boared” game ( pun not intended)

23.Read the news

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24.write stories

25.catch up on a marvel movie

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25. make your own raffle of things to do when I’m bored

Professer Psychic


I am Nicolas Mark Marshall.I’m currently 59.I am from America and I have a doctorate in History.I have have pale blue eyes and brown sleek hair.I’m quite smart and witty but I can be talkative and moody at times .I grew up in Ohio . But enough about me. This is my story when I was 21 .I am an archeologist.People call me Prof.Marshall but you can call me Nick .I often travel abroad in search of ancient ruins, temples and statues. This time I went to This surreal temple, it was unknown ,it was dense grass. It was a precipitous journey to the spot and had very limited options for food I to prepare myself to go to it. The dense forests are commonplace for the animals, but anyone else might have a hard time.I entered feeling exited. I saw a great statue of a god having a ruby locket . Every now and then it would change colors red to blue, blue to yellow and so on.In cuneiform it said a person who could achieve self pride, ego,wickednesss and Cruelty could use the stone. I removed it . My assistant Leonardo Sanchez grabbed the stone and ran off with it I tried to Chase him but couldn’t I was quite spellbound for words. Just as I turned I saw a shining chest I opened it it was a small glass vile. With a blue liquid.i thought I’ll give it scientists for observation. Just as I did a cobra appeared I dropped the vile on me . Immideatly It bowed down to me. My eyes went shut . It felt I was in another dimension. Athena,Posiden and Apollo the greek gods appeared they told me I had physic abilities and I could read thoughts and could transfer to their brain and battle with them using my wildest imagination. Of course I thought I was dreaming. They told me a month from now Sanchez my assistant would be trying to take over the world.I woke feeling lost. And while going I saw another chest with a statue . I felt relived and thought the journey hadn’t been a waste after all.I took it with me back to Souva a archeologist center in America.The next few weeks I heard thoughts miles away from me.I thought “Were Athena,Posieden and Apollo real?”.Over a few weeks some guy called Dr.Sanchezbro hacked into all devices and said “ Everyone Surrender to me now or else a will kill all of you with the help of the Cursed Ruby.He demonstrated using with a single thought anything could happen.I knew I had to do something.I practiced with my Trusty dog Bruno. Within a week I could make anyone do anything. Was ready so went to meet Leo . I knew he’d be at the planiterium plotting treacherous schemes of ruling the earth . Alas I was right . I crept into his mind .He was wearing a Black tuxedo with an unusually large collar.i knew what I’d do . He said to me “ History will decide if I’m a villain or a hero, in fact we’re very alike both have both assumed the world’s a place of excitement and happiness but I learnt a harsh lesson the world doesn’t give back they mocked my for my good deeds “.I yelled “ you’re wrong we’ll never be alike “ > His ego and pride were bruised . And lost. Now he couldn’t use the the ruby.i had won. I felt proud. And continued this anonymous job.

Who Am I ?

I am CaptainAwesome. I’m 11 years old. I am a complete Marvel fan. ( RIP Stan Lee ,IronMan & BlackWidow)I enjoy playing football/soccer and basketball. I will be weekly uploading stuff on many topics.To give feedback or suggestions please leave it in the comments.